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How To Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets On The Cheap

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Remodeling your kitchen cabinets is a great way to make the entire room look much more up-to-date. Of course, it is also a great way to make your kitchen customized to your daily cooking and storage needs. But a full-scale kitchen cabinet remodel is beyond the budget of many homeowners. Luckily, there is a great option for customers who have a limited budget. This article will explain how to remodel your kitchen cabinets by changing the doors and molding. It will also show how you can make the remodel even more affordable by doing some of the preparation work on your own. The Important Design Elements If you look at most cabinet systems, you will notice that there are three basic elements: the cabinet boxes, the doors and the molding. The cabinet boxes are usually just simple and square. The most important and defining design elements on the cabinet will be the doors and the molding. So, you can change the doors and molding, and keep the main cabinet box to give your kitchen a completely different look without costing too much money. The best part of this remodel project is that you can do much of the work on your own. Removing the Doors Removing the doors is very simple. You just need a power drill so you can remove the screws from the hinges. There are usually two screws in each hinge. If you are installing new doors, you might as well also install new hinges. You can enjoy the greater functionality and convenience of modern, soft-closing hinges. Removing the Molding Removing the molding is slightly trickier. First, you need to cut away any caulk along either edge of the molding using a utility knife. Then, lightly hammer a small flat head screwdriver underneath the molding and try to pry up. You might need to pry with two screwdrivers at once to get leverage. The difficulty of removing the molding will depend on how many nails are used, how large they were and if adhesive was also used. Once the doors and molding are removed from your cabinet, it will basically be ready for the new products to be installed. First, you want to have a cabinet specialist come to your house and examine your cabinets. They will be able to bring sample doors and molding so you can decide which will look the best in your kitchen. Of course, you will save a little more cash on labor since you already did the prep work yourself. To find out more about kitchen cabinets, contact a company like Olson Cabinets & Woodworking...

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Four Tasks That Need To Be Done To Prepare Your Home For Replacement Windows

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If you are ready to have replacement windows installed in your home, there is a lot of work to be done. You will need to measure the windows and find out where replacements can be used. You may also need to do repairs and improvements to the casings before new windows can be installed. You may also want to add insulation and paint the opening before you have new windows installed. Here are some tasks that you will need to do before replacing the windows in your home: 1. Checking Window Openings To See Where Windows Can Be Installed Before you start ordering all your replacement windows, you will need to see which windows can be replaced. Replacement windows are meant to be installed in standard size windows that have casing in good condition. Windows that are custom sizes and with extensive damage to the opening may need to be completely replaced or use an alternative like window film. 2. Preparing To Work On Windows By Removing Interior Trim And Hardware There may also be work that needs to be done to window openings. You may need to do things like level windows and repair casing. To make doing these repairs easier, you will want to remove interior trim and hardware from the windows. You may also want to remove any screens. You can leave the windows in the frame until you are ready to replace them. 3. Adding Insulation To Window Openings To Improve Energy Efficiency If you do not have any insulation between the windows and wood framing, you may want to add it while you are doing other repairs. This is something that you will want to do after you level the windows and check them for square. You can use batten insulation and a ruler to insulate between the windows. Do not use spray foam because it can expand and damage openings, making it difficult to install new windows. 4. Adjusting, Repairing And Painting Windows Before Replacements Are Installed Before you have new windows installed, you will want to adjust and paint the casing. Windows should be level and square. You will also want to fill in any damaged wood or replace it. To paint windows, you can remove the old ones and paint everything. When you are done put the old windows back until you are ready to have the new ones installed. These are some tasks that you will want to do before you have your windows replaced. If you are ready to have your new windows installed, contact a window replacement contractor, like Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling, Inc., to get the help you need installing new windows in your...

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Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors? Learn How To Refinish Your Steps By Hand

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If you have carpeting throughout your home that you are looking to rip out so you can refinish the hardwood, chances are that the steps in your home have carpeting on them too. Steps can be one of the most frustrating parts of the hardwood refinishing process, because so much of it needs to be done by hand. Follow these tips to learn how to refinish the steps on your own. Preparation You’ll start by removing the old carpeting on the stairs that was previously nailed or glued down. A pry bar works great for lifting up each area of carpeting, which will give you enough leverage to rip it out by hand. It’s important that you remove every single nail or patch of glue left behind on the wood, because it can potentially ruin your sanding equipment later on. Even the tiny staples will need to be removed with pliers if there is a sharp end still stuck in the hardwood. Glue residue can be scrubbed away with a commercial glue removal product and a scrub brush. Dry the steps off with a rag when finished. Sand And Stain Since a large floor sander is out of the question, you will need to use a small hand sander to sand the stairs. Stairs are one part of your home’s hardwood that can be a little bit rougher, because stairs that are too slippery can cause a person to slip and fall. Only use sandpaper with a grit that is no finer than 60, which will help give people in your home some much needed traction when going up and down the stairs. The goal of sanding the steps is to remove any imperfections in the wood. In the end, the steps will be smooth and even, but still retain enough traction to prevent slipping. You’ll also be sanding off the existing finish as well, which is why you need to sand the vertical backs of the steps too. Once you’ve finished sanding, you can apply a stain with the color you desire using a paint roller or brush. Always stir the stain so that it has a consistency that is even. Apply your stain in a back and forth motion with the grain of the wood, and let the stain dry according to the manufacturer’s directions. Finishing A coat of polyurethane can be applied to the steps if you want the wood to have a shiny look. It will also add a layer of protection that will prevent scuff marks from being left on the wood, and prevent the stain from naturally fading over time. The polyurethane coat should be applied in the same way as the stain, using long brush strokes along the grain of the wood.  If these directions sound too difficult, feel free to contact a hardwood flooring professional, like those at Front Range Interiors, that can handle this time consuming process for...

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Ways To Brighten Up A Basement

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In many homes, basements are overlooked. Homeowners often think of them as dark spaces that are only good for storage. However, basements can add a lot of value to a home. They can act as a separate entertaining area, make great in-law suites, and can even be used as a work out space or home office. The key to making the basement a functional part of any home is making sure that it is as light and airy as any other room in a home. When remodeling or finishing a basement, getting enough light into the space is very important. Take Advantage Of Windows When going through the process of basement finishing, it is important to work with any features that are already in place. Many basements already have windows. The problem is that these windows are often small and high up which makes getting sufficient natural light difficult. Replacing older basement windows is often a great solution to this problem. New windows that let in more natural light can be chosen. Windows can also be added or existing windows enlarged in order to let in more light. If this is not within the renovation budget, then there are other ways to take advantage of windows. By using lighter window treatments, a basement can be made brighter. Heavy drapes and blinds should be avoided since they block out natural light. Have Enough Lighting Sources Indoor lighting plays a very big role in determining how light and airy a basement feels. Getting the right lighting sources is key. During a basement remodel it is important to install sufficient lighting on the ceiling and to make sure that there are other alternative light sources. Basements often have low ceilings which makes them ideal for track lighting and recessed lighting. These lower profile lighting sources bring light to a room without adding bulk or making the room seem shorter. Lamps are also a great thing to have in basements since they can be an additional source of light. It is also a good idea to have enough wall outlets to accommodate extra light sources. Color Scheme One thing that can make a basement seem smaller and darker is the wrong color scheme. A light color scheme is the best way to make the basement seem larger and lighter. Painting the walls a lighter color will make the room seem bigger. Lighter furniture is also a good choice for a basement. Dark and heavy furniture can make a room feel darker and smaller than it actually is. Creating a light and airy basement that flows with the rest of the home is possible. By making smart lighting choices, taking advantage of windows, and using a light color scheme this can be achieved. Contact a company like Marvelous Basements & Remodeling LLC for more information....

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Bathroom Remodeling: Getting More Space For Less

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The bathroom and kitchen are two of the most important rooms in the home. If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, the cost can increase as you move forward and make additional changes or purchase higher end materials and fixtures. Here are a few ways you can get more bang for your buck as well as maximize your space by making a few simple changes that will make your bathroom look gorgeous without having to shell out a ton of cash. Lighting Adding additional light to a bathroom can make it look roomier and much more glamorous. Instead of a small, two or three-light vanity, purchase one with four lights or more. This will make the bathroom look brighter and lighter, and really only costs a few more dollars than a smaller vanity light. You can also opt to put in recessed lighting, which will help bring in more light as well and doesn’t cost a whole lot. If you have the room, add a small lamp to help enhance the light as well.  Make Room If you have a small bathroom, there might not be much space for storage. This can be solved easily by purchasing a freestanding etagere to go over the toilet, which can provide much-needed room for towels and toiletries. You can also opt to buy a wall cabinet, which not only looks elegant but provides extra room for toilet paper and other items neatly tucked away and everything off the floor.  Maximize Color You can really make your bathroom shine by adding simple pops of color. Paint trim in a contrasting shade, or use cute accessories and wall hangings to brighten up the look of your bathroom. White and gray tones for the flooring and shower or tub will make the room look larger and give it a bit of glamour. Find a cute curtain for the window that will help make your bathroom stand out, and choose a cheery shower curtain to match. Choose Your Sink A pedestal sink can look really glamorous in a bathroom, and can also make it look roomier. But a vanity style sink with a cabinet underneath can also increase both surface and storage space. Consider both and determine which option you prefer: a clean looking bathroom with more floor space, or one with much more storage capability. Pedestal sinks generally cost less than vanity style, but shop around to find the choice that will be most affordable and will work best for your...

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Tips For Designing A Deck That Works Well With Children

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If you are planning to add a deck to your home and have children, you need to think about designing it so it is safe for them, as well as a place they can enjoy. Below are some tips on choosing the best type of deck, as well as the features to go with it. Deck Material A composite deck works well for children, as well as for the rest of the family. Wood is beautiful but can become splintered and warped after going through a few cold winters, wet springs, and hot summers. Your children could easily trip or get sprinters in their bare feet. Trex is currently one of the most popular composite decking brands. If you like the look of wood, a wood plastic composite deck will be a better choice for you. You get the look of wood but do not have to worry about it splintering or warping. Capped composite is a step up from the wood plastic decking material. It is capped with a polymer shell, which makes it impervious to cold or hot temperatures. When purchasing your composite deck, you can choose from a variety of colors so you can find something that goes well with the exterior of your home. The colors available depend on the manufacturer you choose. Deck Railing When choosing the deck railing, some types you can choose include metal, wood, tempered glass, or composite wood. Add some baskets on the side of the railing for your children to keep their toys. Add some lighted end caps to give your children more light if they play on the deck after the sun goes down. When selecting the railing, make sure the spindles are either vertical, or are close enough together so your children cannot get through them. Benches and Seats When you hire a company to design your deck, ask them to add some benches and seats to give your children a place to sit. You can also put storage space under the benches to put things that need to be out of the weather.  Do not put the benches and seats near the railings, however, or your children could use them to climb over the deck. Fun Deck Add a slide on the side of your deck that the children can slide down. At the bottom of the slide put a sandbox to give them a soft place to land and extra space to play. Ask the decking company to add a playhouse on the deck, or you could add a playhouse under the deck. Covered and Screened Put a covering over the deck to protect the children from the sun’s harmful rays, as well as allow them to play on it while it is raining. You can also screen in the sides to protect them from climbing over it and to keep insects out. Choose a roof that goes well with your home’s roof line. You could choose a hip roof, which is the strongest, or a shed roof, which is more economical. A gable roof allows more light to get in. You should use the same roofing materials as your home’s roof. The screen can be fiberglass, which is lightweight and comes in charcoal or black. Aluminum is another choice, which is more durable and stronger than fiberglass....

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Aging Skin? Take The Right Bath

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If you love a good long bath, you are in the majority. Nothing in the world is more comforting than a delicious soak in a big tub. Kids can stay in for hours and wrinkle like prunes without hurting their skin. When you age, that kind of treatment will leave your skin dry and old looking. Keeping your skin looking youthful and smooth means learning the fine art of bathing. Oils Adding essential oils to your bath can improve your mood as well as your skin. You can also take your time and try out a variety until you find the one you like best. These are some of the oils that work well for aging skin: Vetiver supports a tranquil mind. Made from the vetiver plant, this oil helps moisturize skin that has been dried by the elements. Jasmine works to stimulate you and elevate your mood. Combined with Ylang Ylang, it soothes dry skin. Rose oil will calm you and ease your anxiety. This oil works for any skin type, so it’s a good one to have on hand. Water Temperature As much as we may enjoy really hot water, it can dry out the skin and negate all the good effects of the essential oils. Try and settle for warm water instead of steaming hot. You will still enjoy the bath, and your skin will be the better for it. Scrubs You can easily make your own simple body scrub from honey and sea salt. This mixture will exfoliate your skin, removing the dry, dead matter while moisturizing at the same time. If you decide to buy your own, look for scrubs that contain natural ingredients and moisturizers. Sponges Konjac sponges are perfect for gentle exfoliation and even work on acne-prone or otherwise sensitive skin. They are soft but odd looking and need to be replaced every month. Combined with a natural body scrub, they make a powerful anti-aging regimen. Tubs If you truly love baths and your tub has seen better days, you should consider having it overhauled. Bathtub refinishing takes your old scuffed and nasty looking fixture and makes it look and feel new. You deserve to bathe in a smooth and attractive tub while you pamper your skin. Contact a business that specializes in bathtub refinishing, like Tub Solutions Inc, to get the best service. Practicing the fine art of bathing will help keep your aging skin soft and supple. You can also enjoy the soothing effects of natural bath products while escaping the pressure of your busy life. So gather your ingredients and hop into your refinished tub for a healthy soak.  ...

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You Woodn’t Believe It! Guide to Wood Grain Tile

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From carpet and tile to concrete and cork, choosing flooring for your home can be overwhelming. However, finding the best option for your needs and budget ensures a large return on your investment. Considering 54 percent of buyers will pay more for a home with hardwood flooring, it can be a great upgrade for your home. If you prefer the value and appeal of wood without the worry of maintenance, consider wood grain tile flooring for your home. Using this guide, you will understand the benefits of wood grain tile and learn the best techniques to care for your new flooring.  Hardwood Versus Tile You may find the differences between wood and wood grain tile similar, but they are actually two different floor materials. Hardwood flooring is a great choice for your home’s appeal, but it is not impenetrable, so it may warp, chip, scratch, and dent. Hardwood flooring is also difficult to maintain. Excessive foot traffic, heavy furniture, and pets can wear down the surface of your wood floors, resulting in ongoing cleaning and possible refinishing. The natural beauty of hardwood flooring makes it so desirable, which is where wood grain tile comes into play. Wood grain tile offers the natural look of hardwood flooring, but its porcelain or ceramic construction makes it a more versatile option for your home. Not only can you install the flooring in your bedrooms, family room, and dining room, but wood grain tile is also suitable for your kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry areas. Cleaning Wood Grain Tile Cleaning hardwood flooring involves a few steps including dusting, mopping, and refinishing every few years. Fortunately, cleaning your porcelain or ceramic wood grain tiles is easier. Use the following steps to clean your wood tile flooring: Use a dust mop or hard floor vacuum to collect dirt, dust, and hair from the tiles. Consider dusting or vacuuming every week to prevent buildup on your wood grain tiles. In a spray bottle, combine 3 cups of warm water with ¼ cup of white vinegar. Shake the bottle to mix before spraying on a clean mopping cloth. Sponge mops push dirt and debris into the grout between your tiles, so use a microfiber or terry mopping cloth on your wood grain tiles. Attach the cloth to the long handle before mopping the wood grain tile. Dampen a clean mopping cloth in warm water and use to rinse your floors after washing with the vinegar solution. Allow to dry. Wood grain tiles offer the look of hardwood without the worry of damage and ongoing maintenance. After realizing your floors are actually tile, many people will be surprised by your...

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3 Reasons To Build Your Roof Out Of Copper Tiles

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Copper is one of the most popular roofing tiles available—and for good reason when you consider the many benefits that it offers. Energy efficiency, durability, and longevity are just three of the benefits provided by copper. Longevity A properly installed copper roof is likely to last for nearly 100 years. This means that you could easily build a copper roof on your home that will outlast both you and the home. This makes copper an ideal material to use if you do not really want to ever have to worry about replacing your roof in the future. This longevity is also good for the environment as copper roofing tiles are much less likely to end up in a landfill when a house is torn down because it is often recycled and use on other structures. Energy Efficiency One of the great benefits provided by a copper roof is that it can actually make your home a bit cooler in the summer. This will then allow you to keep your cooling expenses down because you will be able to keep your air conditioner off for longer periods of time. This is possible because of the reflective nature of the copper roofing tiles. Rather than absorbing light like many other roofing materials, copper reflects it, and that prevents your house from heating up as much on hot summer days. Durability Finally, copper roofing tiles are a great material to utilize if you do not want to have to worry about repairs. A copper roof is going to be able to stand up to just about any weather condition or climate without much of a problem. For example, copper is going to be quite resistant to water. Rather than rusting or rotting in moist climates with a lot of rainfall, copper develops a patina that protects the tiles from water damage. This patination process will give your copper tiles a greenish tinge, which greatly increases the aesthetic appeal of the home and is often highly sought after by home buyers. Copper is also very resistant to fire. A copper roof is not going to ignite if a stray ember should land on it, which will keep your house safe in those dry areas where wildfires are frequent, or if a neighborhood fire should break out. Speak to a roofing contractor like Angle Ridge Remodeling today in order to discuss the benefits provided by copper and other roofing materials. Copper is a great choice due to its durability, longevity, and energy...

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How To Save The Kitchen Cabinets You Already Have

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Any kitchen remodel is going to be expensive. However, many homeowners are now realizing that saving the kitchen cabinets they already have is going to save them quite a bit of money. On top of this, refinishing your existing cabinets is a great way to make your kitchen remodel an environmentally friendly project since you will help by cutting down on the production of new materials. Here’s how you can be sure that saving the kitchen cabinets you already have turns out to be great for your kitchen remodel: Sand and Paint: The first thing that you can do is remove the doors from the cabinets, dust and clean the interior of the cabinets, and sand the doors down to apply a primer and new paint. This is quite a time-consuming project, but if you are doing it to save money then it is well worth it in the end. If you are okay with splurging a little bit on refinishing the cabinets, you can also pay a professional to do these steps for you. It will definitely cost less than installing new cabinets in the kitchen anyway. In the end, you will be amazed at how much the new paint can transform the appearance of your kitchen.  New Knobs: The next thing you can do to transform the look of your cabinets is by installing new knobs. You will also be amazed at how much this can transform the kitchen. There are a number of different knob styles and colors to choose from. If you are remodeling your kitchen to be more modern, then square, silver or gray knobs tend to be all the range at the moment. However, if you are opting for a more colorful kitchen, it may be useful to install bright colored knobs for the cabinets.  New Door Faces: Another more affordable option, but also more expensive than refinishing the door faces that are already on the cabinets is installing new door faces. You can keep the existing cabinets in place, but change the entire look by installing new door faces. This guarantees that tearing down and building up new cabinets won’t have to take place, which is the reason installing completely new cabinets is so expensive in labor costs. If you aren’t happy with the grooves of the existing door faces, then this may be the most beneficial option for your kitchen remodel.  By hiring a remodeling contractor, they can help you to refinish the existing cabinets in a way that you are happy with that will still fit the new style of the kitchen remodel. To learn more, contact a remodeling contracting business like Sierra Remodeling & Home Builders...

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