Does It Matter If A Remodeling Contractor Is A Professional?

Posted on: 12 March 2015

There are some projects you can handle around the home yourself or call an inexpensive handyman. Other projects call for the help of a professional though. How do you know when the project is large enough to call a professional? There are many things that can go wrong if you do not hire a professional for the job. Consider the following, so you will know for certain if you need a professional for your remodeling project.

A Professional Contractor versus a Handyman Contractor

Professional contractors come with licenses, insurance, and guarantees that they'll get your work done completely and accurately. In order to obtain a license, the professional needs formal training and to complete specific tests to prove their abilities. 

Handyman contractors are usually uninsured, do not have a guarantee, and may not even want a contract for the work performed. They may have life experience with remodeling, but no formal training. 

Things That Can Go Wrong Without a Professional Contractor

There are many things that can go wrong without the help of a professional contractor. These things include:

  • Safety issues such as falling from the roof or having a finger cut off are always a concern when hiring someone to work in your home that is not insured.
  • The work might not be covered under your homeowner's insurance if it was not done by a professional.
  • The work does not get covered by a warranty or a guarantee when not using a professional; this includes the warranty that comes with the products.

Permits are Important

A professional remodeler not only knows if a permit is needed for your project, but they also obtain them for you. You never want to start a major project in your city without ensuring you will meet specific building codes.

Finding a Professional Remodeler

Sure, word of mouth is one of the best referral sources; however, what do you do when no one you know of has had a remodeling project? If you want to find other means of finding a remodeler outside of an online business listing, venture into a remodeling or construction trade show in your city. Many are open to the public, and you'll not only can meet with select remodelers who are serious about their job, but you'll meet other industry leaders who could give you working referral knowledge.

Choosing to work with a professional can save a lot of time, headache and money later on down the road. Smaller projects may not require a professional. However, for those larger projects, protect yourself and your investment by hiring a professional contractor like Davidson Remodeling Inc. that has experience in the remodeling that you want to be done.


home renovation - when to call the pros

My husband and I thought it would be a nice idea to buy an older house and renovate it from top to bottom. We got in there, did a lot of demo work, and then things started going south in many areas of the house. We learned a lot while we were working together, especially when to call in the professional renovation contractor for help. Thankfully, we found a contractor that was patient, fair and did really great work. You can use our experience to get an idea about what home remodeling projects are possible to do on your own and what you should call the professionals in for.