How To Know If Marble Counters Are The Right Choice For Your Personality

Posted on: 16 March 2015

Not everyone has the right personality for marble countertops in the kitchen. Those that do are generally more laid back lovers of natural beauty. If you think that's you, then chances are you will only love your marble counters more as they develop their natural patina from daily living. The following can help you determine if you have what it takes to truly enjoy this beautiful stone.

#1: Are You A Perfectionist?

Marble is for the free spirit, not for the perfectionist. Marble is highly absorbent, so water stains will likely occur. If that stresses you out, perhaps you should opt for a slightly harder stone, such as granite. Another option is to combine marble with other stone materials. For example, go for the marble backsplash but use a less absorbent material on the work surfaces.

#2: Do You Prefer Function Over Form?

If baking is your thing, and a few water stains and signs of natural aging don't bother you, then marble is the clear winner. Marble naturally stays cool, making it a dream surface for working with pastry. You can opt for a full marble countertop or just choose a marble work top inset for your baking station or kitchen island.

#3: Does Beauty Come From Perfection or Aging?

Different personalities find beauty in different places. For some, the draw of marble is the pristine look they see in the magazines. For others, true beauty only occurs after the marble is burnished with the marks of daily living. If the natural patina developed through use just adds to its beauty in your eyes, then you have the right personality for marble.

#4: Are You Willing to Up Your Maintenance Game?

You can be a perfectionist and still be happy with marble, if you're willing to take on few extra maintenance chores. First, begin with honed marble – it is more resistant to stains. Next, either seal it yourself or have the marble professionally sealed every two years. You will also need to always use a cutting board and wipe up spilled water quickly. Tomatoes, lemon juice, and other acidic foods will also require careful handling.

Proponents of marble kitchen counters love them because of the way they age. If you still love marble, but aren't sure your personality can accept the patina that develops in the kitchen, consider using it in the bathroom or as a mantel shelf. There are many places in your home where you can still enjoy marble even if you prefer to keep it pristine.


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