4 Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Posted on: 23 March 2015

Kitchen remodeling is more than tossing out your old appliances and countertops for new ones; it requires a lot of thought and creativity to get the most out of your new design. Since the kitchen is often used for much more than cooking, you want to be sure that your space is functional and easy to use. 

Walkways Are Important

Some people compromise their walking space in the kitchen when remodeling. The desire to fill the kitchen with the latest gadgets often results in less walkways. Unfortunately, this can make navigating your kitchen difficult. 

When creating your design for the new kitchen, consider having wide walkways. Wide walkways have several advantages including leaving you with enough room to move from one appliance to another without bumping into counters or other fixtures. 

Assess Your Island's Function

You will need to decide what want to use your kitchen island for. The island can be used for a number of purposes, including cooking and eating. If you plan to cook, you want to make sure that there is enough space for you to cook while maintaining a distance between the dining area. Space is important to ensure everyone is safe while cooking and eating.

Save Yourself Steps

One of the best reasons to remodel your kitchen is to make it more efficient for you. There are several ways you can do this without making huge changes to the kitchen. For instance, install a swing-out tap by the stove. The tap will allow you to fill a pot with water without having to traipse back to the sink. You can also save time and effort by adding a shelf near your stove to store your favorite oils and spices. 

Remember the Children

If you have younger children in the home, you want to be sure the kitchen is accessible to them, too. One way you can do this is to ensure that their favorite foods are placed in drawers or on shelves that are within their reach.

You can also bring in a bar or add in extra counter space for kids that like to do homework in the kitchen. A small stool placed in front of the bar can be conveniently slid beneath it when your child is through with his or her homework. 

When you assess your kitchen, you will undoubtedly find many more changes that you can make to improve your kitchen's functionality and design. Remember not to make changes that could leave you with less functionality than you had before. For more tips, contact resources such as Rynone Kitchen & Baths.


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