Choosing Seamless Gutters For Your Home: Benefits And Styles

Posted on: 8 April 2015

Rain gutters are important to your home. They help filter water away from your roof and property, which in turn helps prevent flooding and water pooling around your property. Rain gutters are not only necessary, but can be stylish as well. Learn about seamless gutters you can install on your roof for a streamlined look you can enjoy.

Seamless gutter benefits

Seamless rain gutters are the most popular type of rain gutter used in the home, with 75% of properties choosing this kind of installation. What makes seamless gutters so popular is the way they are created. Rather than being sectioned off into pieces to be custom-fit to the design of your house, seamless gutters are made using one long strip of aluminum that is cut to fit the length that is needed. This results in a smooth line that allows water and debris to flow away from your roof with ease. The look is also more streamlined and uniform without visible sections detracting from your property.

Styles to choose from

For cost and convenience, most people choose classic aluminum for their seamless gutter install. You can get aluminum gutters in two standard shapes, half round or K Style. You can also choose seamless gutters in other mediums, such as copper, steel, zinc, or vinyl. Copper and steel are the most expensive options, but are known to last for years and add extra luster to your home's design. Vinyl is easy to install if you want seamless gutters put in quickly. Your contractor can help you choose the style, color, and material that will work best for your seamless gutter installation.

Customizing your seamless gutters

There are many standard colors and styles you can choose from that many building supply stores have in stock. Common colors include white, brown, gray, red, and green. Standard designs are the half round or classic K Style, but there are other styles you can choose from. Keep in mind that customizing your seamless gutters raises your investment, and you may have to wait up to a few weeks for your personalized gutters to arrive. The results are well worth it, however, to have the decorative appeal of unique seamless gutters you can enjoy.

Seamless gutters are beneficial to your home in their ease of installation, relatively low cost, and practically maintenance-free design. Whether you choose designs straight from the store or choose to customize your build, you can enjoy your seamless gutters as soon as they are installed. Talk to a professional like Aqua Guide Inc for more information.


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