Bathroom Remodeling: Getting More Space For Less

Posted on: 18 June 2015

The bathroom and kitchen are two of the most important rooms in the home. If you're considering remodeling your bathroom, the cost can increase as you move forward and make additional changes or purchase higher end materials and fixtures. Here are a few ways you can get more bang for your buck as well as maximize your space by making a few simple changes that will make your bathroom look gorgeous without having to shell out a ton of cash.


Adding additional light to a bathroom can make it look roomier and much more glamorous. Instead of a small, two or three-light vanity, purchase one with four lights or more. This will make the bathroom look brighter and lighter, and really only costs a few more dollars than a smaller vanity light. You can also opt to put in recessed lighting, which will help bring in more light as well and doesn't cost a whole lot. If you have the room, add a small lamp to help enhance the light as well. 

Make Room

If you have a small bathroom, there might not be much space for storage. This can be solved easily by purchasing a freestanding etagere to go over the toilet, which can provide much-needed room for towels and toiletries. You can also opt to buy a wall cabinet, which not only looks elegant but provides extra room for toilet paper and other items neatly tucked away and everything off the floor. 

Maximize Color

You can really make your bathroom shine by adding simple pops of color. Paint trim in a contrasting shade, or use cute accessories and wall hangings to brighten up the look of your bathroom. White and gray tones for the flooring and shower or tub will make the room look larger and give it a bit of glamour. Find a cute curtain for the window that will help make your bathroom stand out, and choose a cheery shower curtain to match.

Choose Your Sink

A pedestal sink can look really glamorous in a bathroom, and can also make it look roomier. But a vanity style sink with a cabinet underneath can also increase both surface and storage space. Consider both and determine which option you prefer: a clean looking bathroom with more floor space, or one with much more storage capability. Pedestal sinks generally cost less than vanity style, but shop around to find the choice that will be most affordable and will work best for your bathroom. 


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