Ways To Brighten Up A Basement

Posted on: 29 June 2015

In many homes, basements are overlooked. Homeowners often think of them as dark spaces that are only good for storage. However, basements can add a lot of value to a home. They can act as a separate entertaining area, make great in-law suites, and can even be used as a work out space or home office. The key to making the basement a functional part of any home is making sure that it is as light and airy as any other room in a home. When remodeling or finishing a basement, getting enough light into the space is very important.

Take Advantage Of Windows

When going through the process of basement finishing, it is important to work with any features that are already in place. Many basements already have windows. The problem is that these windows are often small and high up which makes getting sufficient natural light difficult. Replacing older basement windows is often a great solution to this problem. New windows that let in more natural light can be chosen. Windows can also be added or existing windows enlarged in order to let in more light. If this is not within the renovation budget, then there are other ways to take advantage of windows. By using lighter window treatments, a basement can be made brighter. Heavy drapes and blinds should be avoided since they block out natural light.

Have Enough Lighting Sources

Indoor lighting plays a very big role in determining how light and airy a basement feels. Getting the right lighting sources is key. During a basement remodel it is important to install sufficient lighting on the ceiling and to make sure that there are other alternative light sources. Basements often have low ceilings which makes them ideal for track lighting and recessed lighting. These lower profile lighting sources bring light to a room without adding bulk or making the room seem shorter. Lamps are also a great thing to have in basements since they can be an additional source of light. It is also a good idea to have enough wall outlets to accommodate extra light sources.

Color Scheme

One thing that can make a basement seem smaller and darker is the wrong color scheme. A light color scheme is the best way to make the basement seem larger and lighter. Painting the walls a lighter color will make the room seem bigger. Lighter furniture is also a good choice for a basement. Dark and heavy furniture can make a room feel darker and smaller than it actually is.

Creating a light and airy basement that flows with the rest of the home is possible. By making smart lighting choices, taking advantage of windows, and using a light color scheme this can be achieved. Contact a company like Marvelous Basements & Remodeling LLC for more information.  


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