Four Tasks That Need To Be Done To Prepare Your Home For Replacement Windows

Posted on: 14 July 2015

If you are ready to have replacement windows installed in your home, there is a lot of work to be done. You will need to measure the windows and find out where replacements can be used. You may also need to do repairs and improvements to the casings before new windows can be installed. You may also want to add insulation and paint the opening before you have new windows installed. Here are some tasks that you will need to do before replacing the windows in your home:

1. Checking Window Openings To See Where Windows Can Be Installed

Before you start ordering all your replacement windows, you will need to see which windows can be replaced. Replacement windows are meant to be installed in standard size windows that have casing in good condition. Windows that are custom sizes and with extensive damage to the opening may need to be completely replaced or use an alternative like window film.

2. Preparing To Work On Windows By Removing Interior Trim And Hardware

There may also be work that needs to be done to window openings. You may need to do things like level windows and repair casing. To make doing these repairs easier, you will want to remove interior trim and hardware from the windows. You may also want to remove any screens. You can leave the windows in the frame until you are ready to replace them.

3. Adding Insulation To Window Openings To Improve Energy Efficiency

If you do not have any insulation between the windows and wood framing, you may want to add it while you are doing other repairs. This is something that you will want to do after you level the windows and check them for square. You can use batten insulation and a ruler to insulate between the windows. Do not use spray foam because it can expand and damage openings, making it difficult to install new windows.

4. Adjusting, Repairing And Painting Windows Before Replacements Are Installed

Before you have new windows installed, you will want to adjust and paint the casing. Windows should be level and square. You will also want to fill in any damaged wood or replace it. To paint windows, you can remove the old ones and paint everything. When you are done put the old windows back until you are ready to have the new ones installed.

These are some tasks that you will want to do before you have your windows replaced. If you are ready to have your new windows installed, contact a window replacement contractor, like Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling, Inc., to get the help you need installing new windows in your home.


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