4 Ideas To Improve Your Builder's Grade Home

Posted on: 26 February 2016

Unique features are what can make a house a home, but many homes come with the standard builder's grade components. This means boring but functional doors, cabinets and trim, along with other key features. The following are a few home improvement ideas to make your home go from boring to amazing.

Idea #1: Update the Doors

Plain hollow core doors, usually in a color that matches the rest of the wood trim in the house, are the standard fare in many homes. You have two options for updating these – replacement or a facelift. Replacement is the simplest choice and can be completed in an afternoon once you have your doors picked out. For a facelift, purchase narrow wood and cut it to make square or rectangular frames. Next, attach these to the doors with wood glue, creating a faux panel inset. Finally, sand the entire door and then paint it the color of choice. It's easier to take the door down for this entire process, and then rehang it when you are done.

Idea #2: Improve Your Cabinetry

This is a good idea for both bathroom vanities or kitchen cabinets. The simplest DIY option is to sand and repaint the cabinets. You can also simply have the old cabinets ripped out and you can replace them with new. For an in-between option, consider refacing the cabinets with new doors. You can keep everything else the same or repaint it. Then, simply pick out doors or have some custom made to fit your cabinet, in the design you like. If you opt to repaint your existing doors instead, you can use trim to create faux paneling, cover them in decorative beadboard, or replace the knobs and hardware for further improvements.

Idea #3: Upgrade Your Baseboards

Trim, and sometimes the lack there of, can be one of the most obvious builder grade choices in a home. Sanding and repainting the trim can provide an instant improvement over the plain wood options in many homes. You can also add a decorative topper strip to your current baseboards to make them more attractive, or simply replace the baseboard and door trim with something you like better.

Idea #4: Add Some Trim

Don't overlook your windows. Many windows have narrow trim. Adding some decorative molding to the top of the window or just beneath the sill can add more wow and make a window look larger. Crown molding on the ceiling is another way to take your home from builder's grade to amazing.

If you need help with any of these improvements, contact a contractor in your area, such as Latocha Builders & Renovations Inc.   


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