A Grand Galley -- How To Maximize A Long, Narrow Kitchen

Posted on: 24 March 2016

Remodeling a narrow kitchen can be a design challenge. The long, skinny space -- often called a galley kitchen -- is not conductive to many of the standard kitchen layouts and designs. But you can have a successful remodel by following a few design tips perfect for narrow kitchens.

Don't Waste Counter Space

Counter space is precious in a small, narrow kitchen, so don't waste it on small appliances, dish storage or extra knick-knacks. Use built-in cabinets with standard or flip-up doors for storing things like the coffee maker, microwave and food processors. Rather than placing spices on the counter, use a wall-mounted or magnetic hanging spice rack system. You can even get a wall-mounted faucet system so you can opt for a larger sink. 

Use All the Nooks and Crannies

It's even more important to try to avoid wasting any space in a galley kitchen. Built-in banquette furniture can be used to add a small eating space with storage underneath. Add more storage by mounting cabinets end-to-end underneath the countertops. Use pull-out racks and drawers to make use of small spaces like beside the range. And don't forget the space above cabinets -- try adding a long, open shelf above eye level on which you can store little-used items. 

Clean Lines and Light

Make the kitchen look neater, larger and more inviting by creating a clean overall look with a limited color palette. Neutrals, whites and pastels make a good base color for walls, countertops and cabinetry. You can accent this single-color system by using a complementary accent color for trim, a backsplash or light fixtures. Be sure to include as much natural lighting as possible to help make the space look larger. If you can't add windows (or don't want to lose the cabinet space), try a skylight or skylight tube. 

Create a Single Focal Point

While keeping your galley kitchen simple and uncluttered is a good way to open it up, you still want to make something fun and interesting about it. You can add a focal point for guests and family by installing a bold or patterned backsplash, hanging a charming and unique pendant lamp or painting one end wall with a personalized design. 

Create Zones

Reduce traffic in your limited space and increase efficiency by creating work zones within the kitchen. A zone can be a certain triangle on both sides of the galley (for example, containing the stove, sink and refrigerator) or it can encompass only one side of the kitchen (reducing cross traffic). Separating the kitchen tasks (cooking, snacking or cleaning up) will help you do more with less room. 

By making the best use of space, adding a lot of storage and keeping your kitchen uncluttered visually, you can create the kitchen of your dreams no matter what its shape or size. Contact a kitchen remodeling service for more help.


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