Three Things To Get Rid Of During Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Posted on: 4 April 2016

Are you starting to plan a remodeling project for your home's kitchen? If so, you're likely looking at things you want to add and where you want to put them. However, you should also take care to remove items or situations that don't work well for you. That sounds obvious, but sometimes people put up with more than they have to because they think changing the situation will be too hard or too expensive. A kitchen remodel is the perfect time to tackle these issues, including these three things that really shouldn't make it into your new kitchen design.

Vents Above the Stove

This has become rather common in newer apartments and homes with central air and heating; a vent is placed in the ceiling right above the stove. On one hand, you'd think that this would help keep you cool when you have to cook in hot weather. But what that cool air blasting down onto the stove can really do is cool down the food you're trying to heat up. While you could eventually get the food to the right temperature, it would likely take longer, thus using more energy from the stove. You could always turn off the air conditioner before cooking, but that's an extra step you shouldn't have to take.

Another issue is that, if your home's ducts are rather dusty, that dust is going to get blown out onto the stove and possibly into the food. That's a side effect you really don't want. When you design your new kitchen, try to move the stove away from the vent, or have the vents moved themselves.

Spaces Above Cabinet Tops

Upper cabinets generally have two styles: Those with open spaces up top and those that seem to be set into the wall with part of the wall right above them (so you have the ceiling, then a beam that looks like the top of the wall, and then the top of the cabinets). Try to install new cabinets that don't have that open space. While that space can occasionally be a handy storage area, it can also be a handy path for mice and other winter pests trying to make a home in your warm kitchen.

Unless you definitely have a reason for wanting an open storage space that's near the ceiling, close off that space by installing either larger cabinets that reach up to the ceiling, or an extension of the wall that meets the tops of the cabinets.

Dead Cabinet Spaces

Inside the cabinets often isn't much better because of dead spaces like the backs of lower corner cabinets. These turn into relatively scary spots that gather dust if you don't use them.

Instead, either design your new kitchen so that you don't have these remote back corners, or design the cabinets so that they have pull-out racks that let you easily access the back spaces.

If you want more suggestions for how to remedy these three issues, or if you want to get more suggestions for other remodeling changes, contact a kitchen remodeling company. The designers there will help you plan out a fully functional kitchen.


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