Four Items To Always Have In Your Sunroom

Posted on: 18 April 2016

If you're a homeowner who is adding a sunroom onto the side of the house, no doubt you're having a great time considering layouts, furnishings, and other decorations for the room. Sunrooms can be relaxing spaces that let you look out on your garden without the dust-, dirt-, and leaf-based distractions that porches can bring. Sunrooms are also often easier to clean and easier to control climate-wise. However, when you plan the sunroom, be sure you add these four items.

Ceiling Fan

Regardless of what type of climate control you put in the sunroom, be it central air conditioning, a wood stove, or a portable heater or cooler, add a ceiling fan. Even in sunrooms with glass-panel ceilings, you can find spaces through which to run wiring and to hang a small fan. Sometimes the issue with the environment inside the sunroom is not that it's too hot or cold but that it's too stuffy. If the weather that day is humid, rainy, or another type that makes you not want to open your windows, a ceiling fan will provide a breeze that can break up the stuffiness.


While the point of a sunroom is to have a sunny place to sit that's still indoors, sometimes direct sunlight can be too much. Curtains will help you block that out. Curtains can also make the sunroom feel a little more secure if you decide you want to sit there at night, when you can't see out but others can see in. Sheer curtains that let in light but block the view are good for days that aren't too hot, but heavier curtains may be better for days when direct sunlight is just too hot.


If you use the sunroom a lot, you should have some plants in there. Plants in general look nice, but if you use the room as an office, study, or another place to concentrate or unwind, plants can have a beneficial effect. Texas A&M University notes that plants can increase concentration and information retention, and they can be calming as well.


If the sunroom will have windows that open or doors leading to the yard, be sure you add proper security. In addition to the regular latches that come with the windows, add pin or thumb locks to the tracks. Doors should have deadbolts. If you have anything in the sunroom, it could become a target for theft, so add proper security to reduce the chances of someone getting inside when they're not supposed to.

If you want more ideas for your sunroom, contact sunroom designers and window specialists, such as those at Another Estimate LLC. The latter, especially, can help you with window security issues and coverings.


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