Two Options To Consider When Purchasing Window Awnings

Posted on: 30 November 2016

Residential window awnings serve a larger purpose than just adding beauty to your home's facade. They help lower the temperature inside your home, while also preventing sun fading to carpet and upholstery. In fact, with awnings you may not even need to wash the windows as often since they are protected from dust and moisture. When it comes to awnings you have several choices to make. The following guide can help you sort through the various options.

Option #1: Material choices

Modern awnings come in two main material choices – fabric or metal. The type you choose depends on several factors, primarily the preferred appearance and the amount of maintenance you are willing to provide.

Fabric awnings come in nearly any color as well as in pattern options. They are typically made of a weather- and sun-resistant canvas or nylon blend. They will need periodic cleaning with a specialty awning fabric cleaner. You may also need to reapply weather and UV protection. The awnings will eventually fade and require replacement. They are also prone to wind damage, so they may not be suitable for windy locations.

Metal awnings, on the other hand, are relatively low maintenance. You may want to hose them down to remove dirt every once in awhile. It may also be necessary to repaint them. You can paint the awning in an color desired. There are also decorative metals available, such as copper awnings, which can be quite striking.

Option #2: Shape

The shape of the awning plays a major role in the appearance of your home.

Domes are a popular shape, although they are mainly only available in fabric awnings. You can use half-dome awnings to give your home the look of half-circle windows, even if you don't have that style of window. Elongates domes work well over picture windows.

Another popular shape is the traditional. These are available in both fabric and metal options. This is similar to what one sees over shopfronts and is perhaps the most readily available. You can change the look of the traditional awning by switching to a concave design, although you may want to avoid this in areas with heavy snowfall due to weight concerns. A convex awning is another option that will encourage snow to slide off, since it curves upward

For more help in picking out the perfect awning, contact an awning dealer or home remodeling contractor in your area.


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