Finding Inspiration for Windows for Your Living Room Remodeling Project

Posted on: 8 November 2018

The living room is one of the spaces that truly make a house into a home. It is a place for family gatherings, quiet nights alone, and social occasions with friends. If you are remodeling your living room, you are likely overwhelmed with the possibilities that exist to create a warm, inviting space that you and your family will look forward to spending time in.

There are a huge number of considerations for any remodeling project, but windows are simultaneously one of the most important and most easily overlooked. If you are replacing your existing windows or even having entirely new windows installed, these views into the outside world can provide inspiration for planning the rest of your project. This article will outline some of the ways that new windows can provide a fresh new take on your home's interior spaces.

Create a Space Open to the Great Outdoors

The use of large picture windows can make a room feel more open by letting in sunlight and providing a picturesque view of your home's surroundings. This can be a great option if you have a scenic view from your living room or if you will be spending a large amount of time in the room during the day when sunlight will help the room feel airy and inviting. Bay or bow windows can offer extra space in the room as well, providing a place for storage and decoration. These large windows are not only functional, but they also provide a central feature to orient the rest of your remodel or redesign.

Make the Space Cozy

Although large, central windows are an excellent way to make a space feel more open, it may sometimes be more desirable to keep the focus of the room more indoors. Depending on the facing of the wall, very large windows may also allow too much light into the room at certain times of the day and create a harsh environment. Casement windows—on their own or combined with a smaller picture window—still allow natural light into the room while also making it easier to keep the space feeling cozy and intimate.

Get Creative

New windows can also be a chance to express your creativity and work with a theme. In addition to rectangular windows, windows may be installed with a variety of curves and angles that can help highlight the uniqueness of a space or simply allow even more light into a room. Choosing non-rectangular windows allows you to mirror design elements that are present in other aspects of your remodel, ultimately tying the entire design of the room together into a cohesive whole.

For more ideas, contact a window installation service.


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